Saturday, June 16, 2012

testing 1...2...3...

here's a random selection of what i've been up to since last august

trips: kansas, missouri, south dakota, north carolina, connecticut, maine, kansas city, ks/mo
(pictured: silver dollar city in branson, mo - a place that hasn't lost its charm. enjoy my sister's strategic camera positioning skills) i'm addicted, much to C's chagrin. lattes in the winter, my own homemade iced coffee with milk in the summer. 
(pictured: my fav coffee place in boston: barrington's in the fort point district)

trying to find some time to do the things that keep me inspired
(pictured here: new mittens!)

and...of course the best for last! in late march we happened upon a condo for sale in a building still under construction. it felt incredibly right, and now we're waiting for an august 15th closing date! more to come on that.

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eads said...

time to post again rach! what have you been sewing? i especially love the purple dress.